Monday, 2 August 2010

BEDA - August 2nd - Of Fresh Bread and Psycho Ex Girlfriends.

So here we are again. It’s been a busy day since last I sat down to write a blog, and – at just minutes to midnight as I write these words, I fear it will probably be August 3rd local time by the time I post... but it’s still August2nd in half the world, so that’ll do for me.

I had an early shift at work today, so I had most of the day to myself, and I think its fair to say I made the most of it.

I spent the afternoon baking bread – filling my flat with the most pleasant aroma I think it’s ever had in it. You can see a picture of the finished product below. I’m not totally sure why I chose to do this, but you know: it was one of those things which felt like a good idea at the time, and in retrospect – with the beautiful food in my stomach – seems an even better one than I first thought.

I then figured I’d hit the cinema for the promised viewing of The A Team – and decided I’d catch The Karate Kid too while I was there – short reviews of which I will post as the official August 3rd blog post (and full reviews of which I will post on Platform Magazine’s website in the morning, so watch out for that link)

In short: both were substantially better than expected, although Karate Kid was a bit slow.

Perhaps the most amusing bit of the day however was as I was walking to the cinema. Walking down the street towards me I suddenly realise I am looking at the person I hate most in the entire world. My psycho ex. And man oh man has she let herself go. When last I laid eyes on her 11months ago, she was a vision of almost complete perfection – getting modelling jobs left right and centre and generally never having so much as a hair out of place. Today it was almost as if she wasn’t clean even. I only got a glimpse of her as I walked by (I was NOT going to start a conversation), but honestly: I can finally feel like maybe that relationship ending was a good thing – a stage I’d never quite got to up to now.

So it was a rewarding day, one I have a lot to show for. Maybe all days are this eventful and I simply don’t notice because I don’t try to recount them every day, but honestly: if I achieve as much on every other day of this month as I did today: this is gonna be one hell of a month.


  1. Oh man, I love bread.

    My mother wanted to go see Karate Kid, but I heard it was SUPER long, so we never did that. I heard it was pretty, though.

  2. Fresh bread warm from the oven...yummy!!!
    Getting to the point where you feel closure on a relationship that ended is a good thing

    I have not seen the new Karate Kid and the original was such a part of my youth I don't know how I feel about the remake so not sure I want to see it. The A-Team however I do want to see.