Friday, 13 August 2010

BEDA - Aug14 - The Top Ten Trilogies?

I’ve been thinking a lot since the release of Toy Story 3, which I maintain by the way is the best movie you’ll see this year, about the greatest movie trilogies of all time

The Toy Story trilogy is made up of 3 of my favourite movies, and when I came out after seeing it with my family my dad said that it was probably his favourite ever trilogy. I found myself unable to think of one better there on the spot, and to be honest I’m still struggling. I’ve thought about it and thought about it, and have come up with a list of some of my favourites.

So this is my top 10.

10) The Matrix – a somewhat flawed second act, but overall the story is brilliant, and the first and final movies are awesome.

9) Jurassic Park – Dinosaurs eating people. ‘Nuff said?

8) Austin Powers – That rare thing, a trilogy which got funnier and funnier as it went along. So many in jokes have spawned from this trilogy. Just plain funny as hell.

7) Bourne – Three of the best thrillers ever, Matt Damon kicks ass all three times out. Just don’t ruin it with a fourth film or a prequel…Please?

6) Indiana Jones – Harrison Ford’s first of two entries into the list, and an example of why fourth films can destroy franchises. We purists can just forget Kingdom of the Crystal Skull…there were only 3 Indy movies… #untruefacts

5) The Mighty Ducks – Ok so I know this sticks out like a sore thumb on this list, but seriously, I grew up watching these 3 movies more times than any other movie I can think of. Coach Bombay and little Charlie Conway… Probably THE BEST sports movies ever. There…I said it.

4) Lord of The Rings – Some of the most expensive movies in history, and some of the best, this narrowly misses out on a top 3 placing. It’s sort of…honorary top 3 though!!

3) Back to the Future – I will always remember the first time I ever came across Marty McFly and Doc Brown, my dad had the trilogy on VHS, way back in the day. I found it sat around and put it in, and I literally watched the entire trilogy in one go. It was amazing, and from that point on I was hooked. I got the DVD as soon as such a thing existed, and plan on upgrading to Bluray in a few months when that comes out because even my DVD is looking tattered from over usage.

2) Toy Story – The third film is still in theatres, but I’ve seen it 4 times now, and that’s plenty to judge my reception to it. 3 literally perfect movies, with a message of loyalty, love and friendship. Woody, Buzz, and all the rest will always have a place in my heart, from here to infinity (and beyond)

1) Star Wars (the real trilogy) – There is simply nothing to say regarding Star Wars that hasn’t been said before by much smarter people than I. George Lucas (the real one, not the cyborg who killed him, stole his body, and churned out the new trilogy) is a genius. Fact.

Comment below on your favourite trilogies. Did they make my list? Did I miss something? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Here are just a few reasons why Lord of the Rings deserves first place:

    1 - Peter Jackson wrote, produced and directed all three movies. A feat unmatched.

    2 - The trilogy was filmed continuously - the only trilogy in history to have been made this way - and therefore has a linear feel that is missing from the others.

    3 - RotK is the only film in cinema history to win all of the Oscars it was nominated for.

    4 - I argue with your point about the most expensive movies in history. The entire trilogy had a budget of $300 million. Bearing in mind that FotR and TTT took over $900 million, and RotK broke the $1 billion mark, that is an astonishing profit ratio - not taking into account DVD sales.

    5 - LotR set the bar for blending special effects, the use of minatures, script adaptation and great acting. Even Harrison Ford famously said of the Star Wars script, "George, you can type this shit, but you sure as hell can't say it."

    6 - Toy Story is amazing - absolutely amazing - but LotR has a cinematic running time almost double that. The extended editions are over ten hours. It's like comparing instant mash to the real stuff!

    One trilogy to rule them all!