Wednesday, 11 August 2010

BEDA - Aug11 - This is Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

I am at that part in the middle of the month where I have run out of interesting things to say in this blog. There are some interesting things coming up in my life in a week or so, but until then if I was to just give you a "this was my life" today blog, it would just be: "I went to work, I came home. My life is dull." And you don't want to read that!!! The last few days there have been some interesting issues to talk to you about. But today, even they seem to be eluding me.

So instead I’m going to use today’s blog as a piece of free advertising. For the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World to be exact.

If you haven’t heard of this movie, then you have clearly been living under a rock, because it feels like there are trailers for it before almost every movie, and it’s been trending constantly on Twitter for a while now (and hasn’t left the top 2 in the last few days).

It’s based on a set of 6 graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley, of which I’ve read the first 2, and can confirm they’re brilliant, and according to everyone I know who has seen an advance screening of the movie: it is as faithful as it can possibly be (right down to even the style of the movie almost being that of a graphic novel, with “POW!” and “Kaboom!” appearing on the screen during the fight scenes.)

The movie follows the story of Scott Pilgrim (played by Hollywood’s go-to-guy Michael Cera), a twenty something love-struck rocker in a crappy band. Scott falls for the bewitchingly beautiful Ramona Flowers, but soon realises that to be with her he will have to do battle with her seven evil exes. Like actual battle. Comic book style. With Kung fu, and swords and all sorts.

As if this movie wasn’t already going to keep the nerds happy, it’s written and directed by Edgar Wright – creator of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced – who fell in love with the story after being given a copy of the first novel at a promotional event a few years back. Wright’s work has always had the cult edge to it, and that’s why this sort of project is one I’m really excited to see him take on. He’s yet to make a bad movie and I doubt he’s going to start now

I’m trying my hardest to find an advance screening before this movie comes out, because my utterly nerdy brain simply cannot wait to see it.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is released in America this weekend, and joins us here on this side of the Atlantic on the 25th of August. See it. You won’t regret it. And in the meantime, find a book store and buy the first graphic novel (titled Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life – SPvtW actually being the title of the second novel)

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