Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I think it's fair to say that today was not as good a day as yesterday. I had another early shift at work, and to be honest was too tired to do much else, so just came home and had an afternoon nap. I then spent the remainder of the afternoon writing and editing my reviews from last night - which are about to (if they haven't already when you click the link) go up at Nottingham Trent University's Platform Magazine , where I'm Film editor this year, and am now about to go and see The Rebound, Catherine Zeta Jones' new rom-com which will also have a review up on Platform probably by the morning, so you should defintely keep checking the Film section over there as it's being updated all the time, and comment and stuff so I know you're there =)

In the mean time, a friend of mine by the name of Nina Jankowicz is in a competition to try and get a music video she made played on the Jumbotron at the US Open of Tennis in New York. So if you could watch the video and then click here and go and "like" it, that would be great. This would be the most amazing exposure for her if she could win, and she deserves it completely!!!

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