Saturday, 7 August 2010

BEDA - Aug7 - Don't even get me started

OK, so my day, by which I take to mean the entirety of August7, starting at midnight, has totally and utterly sucked.

My bus home from Summer in the City got half way up the motorway only to find the motorway closed because of an accident, and so we sat stationary for hours. I was already supposed to be getting back in at like gone 1, I ended up getting in after 4. It was hell. Especially as I had to be at work by just gone 8, and not for a short shift today - oh no that would be too easy - but for an entire full 9hour day, on literally no sleep except for some sketchy "trying to sleep on the coach" sleep, which didn't help at all.

Add all this to the fact I was already more than a little peeved to not still be at Summer in the City ANYWAY, you can generally imagine how I'm feeling right now.

But enough of my whining. Because ONE cool thing did happen today. The epilogue to Lost leaked. And given that Lost is the best thing to happen to television since the actual invention thereof, this cheered me up a little

A 12minute sequence, made up effectively of 2 scenes, titled "The New Man In Charge", aimed to show what happened during Hurley's tenure on the Island, and hint at where it would go next. It's on the DVD box-set for the 6th season and complete season box-set to be released in a few weeks, but it leaked (very temporarily) online earlier

Without wanting to spoil anyone who hasn't seen it, it definitely gives some answers we didn't get before, which I like, but somehow feels like it was made purely for that purpose - to tie up loose ends, and after the finale I was very much in the camp that I was fine with the end anyway. My loose ends were tied.

There will be people who love this completely, and will call it the definitive end of the show. But while I sure liked it - I will never not like new Lost footage - and appreciate it for what it is: I can't bring myself to say I loved it, and Vincent and Jack in the bamboo will always be where my story ends.

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