Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Complaint Letter to the BBC Regarding Doctor Who Confidential's Cancellation

The text which follows the image is the text of a complaint message I just sent in to the BBC's Complaints page, surrounding the cancellation of Doctor Who Confidential, the behind the scenes companion show to Doctor Who, which the Beeb announced it was axing because of "budget issues". As you can imagine: I'm not very happy.

This is a formal complaint surrounding the frankly disgusting decision made in the last few days to cancel Doctor Who Confidential. The show, as you are no doubt aware, has been the perfect companion show to Doctor Who for many years now, consistently rating well, and being loved by Who fans of all ages for many different reasons.

Some simply like getting a wider, more insightful view onto one of the shows they love, while others - myself included - take great inspiration, as aspiring film makers, to see behind the scenes on one of Britain's biggest shows, and see how the pro's do it.

With the Script to Screen competition on Series 6 this year, DWC promoted script writing to primary school children, and in doing so may well have completely inspired a whole new generation of people to discover the craft. The winners were given tours of the sets, as well as getting to be on set while their mini-episode was recorded and transmitted around the country. This must be the sort of confidence booster many children can only dream of. If that is something the BBC does not see to be important, then frankly shame on you!!

You claim the show is being axed because of budget difficulties, but ultimately it is clear you spend more on countless dross reality shows - World's Strictest Parents etc, sending people around the globe, than on what is effectively a small documentary crew over at Confidential. Before you cancel shows which are doing some real good in the world, stop and think about that!!

If this weeks episode really was the final episode of Doctor Who Confidential, then it was a fitting goodbye, sending the show out on a high note, and truly showing the BBC why they were wrong to cancel it, but I honestly hope that in the off-season you see the error of your ways and reinstate it.

Especially gearing towards 2013 and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, surely you should be investing strongly in the show towards the celebration, not pulling back on it!!!

I hope you change your minds.
James Gordon

If you, like me, are incensed about the cancellation of this brilliant show, let the BBC know! You can sign the Save Doctor Who Confidential petition by clicking here, or you can send the BBC a complaint, like I did by clicking here. Campaigns like this have worked before, like in the case of 6Music, so we cannot give up - if enough people get behind this show, there may be a chance yet!!!