Saturday, 4 June 2011

Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes To War

If you're little blue diary isn't up to Doctor Who 6x07: A Good Man Goes to War, turn away now. Spoilers!

Well that’s that then. Until the autumn, and “Let’s Kill Hitler”, Doctor Who has left our screens with an episode of epic proportions.

Calling in the help of his “debtors” – those who he has left to live – The Doctor heads to Demon’s Run to fight Madame Kovarian and the Headless Monks.

This means the welcome return of the Silurians, the big blue black market trader who’s name escapes me, and the Sontarans. To see all of these return gives the episode the same kind of feeling of grandeur that The Pandorica Opens had last year.

Equally special was the return of Rory the Roman to our screens. Kicking some Cybermen’s butt, before failing to recruit River to the Doctor’s army, the last centurion shows off just how important he has become to the show, and to the arc of the series as a whole.

It is touching seeing him tear up as he holds Melody, and as he leads the final stand you can see how far he has come from the wimpy nerd he began as at the start of season 5. Arthur Darvill is a truly fantastic actor, who I’m sure will go far in the world of television or film – wherever he ends up when he is eventually done with Rory

When a good man goes to war, the biggest reveal of the season can’t be far behind. Finally the reveal of Professor River Song’s true identity as Melody Pond came forward as the stand out scene in what has been a great run of episodes recently in Doctor Who.

It was perhaps not the best kept secret in the world – there were certainly several key theories as to her true guise, and this was one of the more prominent – but it was remarkably well handled nonetheless.

Tying up the “the only water in the forest is the River” prophecy that Idris gave in The Doctor’s Wife, Moffat’s writing team once again prove just how good they are at stringing along tiny little fragments of a line and turning them into something huge and important and dramatic.

The one big question that grasps me having watched the episode: How will Amy and Rory react when they find out that River’s mind is trapped in the Library’s servers, and that to all extents and purposes the Doctor watched their daughter die?

Will the Doctor go straight there and find a way to release her, knowing that even if the body is dead it may regenerate? Or will the Doctor instead go in search of Kovarian and Baby Melody?

The fact we have to wait for the autumn for new episodes is crazy, because with the grand cliff hanger finally revealed the wait will surely be torturous. I think it may well be time to go to the TARDIS Graveyard, build a TARDIS of our own and skip forward a few months to see how this all continues. I really cannot wait!!!