Friday, 6 August 2010

BEDA - Aug6 - Summer in the City

Regular readers of this blog will of course be aware of my YouTube obsession. I’ve been vlogging on and off now for about 2 years, and in that time have forged numerous friendships in the Youtube community, as well as finding people who I watch all the time even though I know they have know idea who I am. YouTube is one of very few places where you can say that and it’s not stalkery at all. And Summer in the City is one of very few times that UK YouTubers all get together and generally party hard, and realise that we’re all the same.

After an early morning to get to the coach station the day got off to a disastrous start – I’d booked 2 coach tickets, one for today and one for another event I’m attending next week, and of course, in the early morning rush I’d printed the wrong one out. Thankfully I could pull up my email on my blackberry and show the driver the confirmation, or I’d have been in serious trouble!

Finally arriving in London I quickly found Lidewij, my dutch friend from Vidcon, and her group of friends, who I quickly came to learn were just as awesome as she was. Throw in Steve the Aussie, and this was gonna be an ace day.

The 100’s in attendance split into teams (our clean team name being Team Double Rainbow, our not so clean name being a rather… dirty… dutch word which I won’t repeat here - partly because I can't spell it =D) and embarked on a huge scavenger hunt which would see us take in just about every sight in London, before eventually crashing out around Leicester Square for drinks and food – preferably in that order. Lidewij left us to head to some concert, and the rest of us headed to Yates’s bar to enjoy some cold beverages.

And then all too soon the day was over. I wish I could have stayed for the full weekend, but unfortunately work shifts worked against me and meant that I had no choice but to get to the coach station and return to my normal life.

I’ll see Lidewij again next weekend at a John Green event (back in London again), and this is just about all that’s keeping me sane, the promise that there is more fun to be had in the near future. Because leaving a group of friends behind is always difficult. Whether you’ve known them 9hours or your entire life. If you’ve clicked with people, you’ve clicked with them.

SitC2011 is a long way off, as is VidCon2011. So my plea: Lets not wait for the next official gathering to all meet up!! Everyone should just come visit. You are always welcome here, and there will always be an airbed. Just let me know you’re coming and turn up. =)

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