Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Unofficial Answers to the Frequently Asked Leakycon Registration Questions

UPDATED AT 22:50 BST on 14/9/12 to clarify answers to most recent official information

Over the past weeks since LeakyCon registration opened (and then closed again) the conference’s facebook and twitter pages have been inundated with people asking several questions - questions which have been answered in various forms and by various people on multiple occasions. To try and save everyone a little time I’ll try and do my best to give (admittedly unofficial) answers to some of the most frequently asked. 

Q: When will registration reopen? You won’t just spring it on us will you? I don’t want to miss registration, please don’t randomly reopen it. (and any other form of this question you can think of)

A: Registration WILL NOT reopen randomly. Portland Registration will open at noon Portland time on September 22. For those with incomplete London registrations (see final question below) the system will reopen at 6PM London time on September 22 to complete registration, in the original order, with everyone else on the list going onto the waiting list once the conference completely sells out.

Q: I seem to have been charged in USD not GBP for London, is this right?
A: Simply: no it isn’t. You should have recieved an email last week with a link to pay the difference. Due to various issues with the previous registration company, this link is currently unavailable, but once it becomes available again you will receive another email. From there you will have one week to pay the difference before your registration is refunded and resold.

Q: How many tickets are left for London? How long is London likely to take to sell out?
A: There are less than 100 tickets left for London, and more incomplete registrations than that, so it is likely the event is going to sell out INCREDIBLY quickly.

Q: So if I haven't already started registration when do I get to register?

A: There will be a waiting list once registration sells out (which at this point it almost certainly will do on the back of incomplete registrations), so once the waiting list is open you can sign up to it.

Q: I got an email saying my registration was incomplete, but also got my confirmation emails. Which should I believe?
 If you got an email that you had an incomplete registration even though you successfully purchased one, this was because you had started the process of 
adding another person to your party. Your completed registration is fine; your incomplete one is not. You will need to try and log back in at 6PM on Sept22 to try and recomplete this incomplete registration, which you will be given the opportunity to do so as the block of 100 people including your registrations comes around.