Saturday, 6 November 2010

Review: Jackass 3D

About 10 years ago, a group of guys, led by Johnny Knoxville, united in the name of pulling pranks and doing dumbass stunts on camera, for the amusement of...well everyone else. In that vein, Jackass was born, spawning a successful MTV show, as well as 2 movies.

Of course, all these years later, and with the addition of an entire extra dimension, the boys (ok: men, Knoxville is 39 now, he's not a boy anymore) are back.

I'm going to be very honest: I went into this movie expecting to hate it. I literally just sat there as the trailers ran thinking "Come on, this was funny 10 years ago, but these guys just need to grow the fuck up..."

Oh how wrong I was. Not only have the Jackasses still got it, but they're better than ever.

Nothing – and I mean nothing – is off limits this time around, and the pure shock value of some of the stunts is crazy. I literally don’t want to mention any of the stunts in detail, because honestly: half the brilliance of this is just the surprise of the lengths they are willing to go to for the ultimate slapstick comedy.

Thankfully, this is also in no way a trailer movie. Most of the stunts which you’ll have seen in the trailer – most notably The High Five - are gotten out of the way relatively early on, and from there on out it’s entirely new content, pushing the barriers of acceptability to their very boundaries.

While it’s fair to say there is a definite warning on this one that it’s not for the faint of heart – or the squeamish – otherwise anybody with even a remote funny bone will laugh at this. Even I, who started out intent on hating it, have to admit: I’ve never laughed so hard, and so consistently at any film in the cinema EVER.

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