Thursday, 4 November 2010

Review: Chuck Vs The First Fight

This post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Chuck to air stateside (Chuck Vs The First Fight), so look away now if you haven't seen it.

Every once in a while a TV show airs and I feel the need to blog about it once I've watched it. This weeks episode of Chuck definitely was one of those occasions. It was so damn good!!

Opening where last week's shock cliffhanger left off, Chuck visits mummy dearest while she's imprisoned inside Castle. She tells him that she really is undercover, and that there is only one man who can clear her name- her MI6 handler (a bumbling would-be spy superbly portrayed by Timothy Dalton)

As Chuck races against time to prove his mothers innocence - while battling with Volkoff's henchmen (who're also looking for Chuck's Mum). All of this is taking place while Chuck is also fighting (in a much more metaphorical sense) with Sarah, over the fundamental disagreement over Sarah's arresting Frost to begin with.

This episode saw everything which is great about Chuck combine into one.

It had some of the best comedic moments the show has displayed in a long time (from Sarah's annoyance in Chuck having spoken to literally everyone else but her, to Morgan's escalating fight with Casey), as well as some superb action and fighting sequences.

One of the best sequences takes place when Elly and her mother finally sit down to talk. It's such a beautiful moment, and so perfectly balanced - it's clear that neither knows exactly how to react, and yet that they both love eachother more than they can possibly express.

Everything comes to a head though in the final few minutes. As the great reveal takes place, and Dalton shows his true colours as Volkoff himself, a real shiver goes up the back of your spine. I had sort of called it, but that didn't take anything away from it actually happening - indeed it just made me more elated, as it means we'll have to see Dalton at least once more in the show.

All in all, this was just an utterly and completely brilliant episode.

It'll be really interesting to see how the whole thing plays out now that Elly has the intersect - how quickly she will realise to give it to Chuck, and how Chuck will react to his mother's betrayal (she may have saved his life, but she's still clearly working with Volkoff after all, and that's going to be a tough pill to swallow)

Next week cannot come soon enough, but for now I just need to see this one all over again - because it might just be the best episode that this show has ever thrown forward.

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