Monday, 28 June 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Trailer

The world watched with baited breath, counting down the seconds until the first official trailer for HP DH hit the internet. Refreshing again and again suddenly, at a couple of minutes to midnight UK time a person in the livestream chat I’m in explodes: MSN WENT EARLY!!!

We rush over to verify this and indeed there it is, 2minutes29 seconds of two of the most highly anticipated movies of the decade. Opening with the obligatory shot of that mountain range that we always get, we’re quickly into the action

I should point out: from here on out, things get spoilerific for DH, so if you haven’t read the book, then get the hell out of here. You’ve had 3 years, we can’t be expected to wait any longer before talking about it.

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We open into the sequence we have all imagined for so long, the Forest. Harry’s walk to his own destruction, and I keep waiting for it to cut away but it never does. We go right through to Voldemort raising his wand and shouting the words before we finally blink back to black. This sequence is so dark, so utterly right to how I imagined. I can’t believe they put it in the trailer, but what the heck. Like I’ve said: the books been around 3 years, people know the story.

Cut to a shot of the trio camping, blissfully only one – hopefully that will be a sign of things to come for the movie itself =D

We see Griphook, and Ollivander and the flying bike, and the music crescendos and you really get the feeling that this is something really actually important you’re watching

“THE FINALE OF THE WORLD WIDE PHENOMENON.” The screen reads, and what a finale it looks like being. As we see a huge explosive dome around Hogwarts and the Death Eaters hijacking the Hogwarts express. As if HalfBlood Prince’s Burrow attack wasn’t enough, Hogwarts is now the target (at least thankfully more canonically). Nowhere is safe any more. Not even the magical home we’ve come to know.

“THE MOTION PICTURE EVENT OF A GENERATION” Harry came into our world when I was 7 years old. I read every book as they came out, saw every movie opening weekened, I am a member of the Potter generation. And yes, this truly IS our event. The end of our saga. The 70’s kids had Star Wars, we had Harry.

Gregorovitch in his version of Ollivander’s shop, THE DRAGON, Hermione setting up the encampments as Ron lies battered on the floor, The Death Eaters army looking gleefully at Hogwarts, the shots flash by at lightning pace, so perfectly edited and mixed with this music. By this point I’m struggling to lift my jaw of the floor its dropped so far.

And then we’re back in the fight. Back at Hogwarts. “Why do you live?” Tom Riddle asks. “Because I have something worth living for.” Our hero answers defiantly.

We get a brief glimpse of the snake attack at Godrics Hollow, and of Ron destroying the Locketcrux as we zoom on towards the final shots. 2 sides, the good army and the death eaters, running into battle against eachother, Hogwarts exploding, and then the final fight. Harry and Voldemort locked in battle. Neither can live while the other survives. “Only I can live forever.” Voldemort says confidently. And the darkest most brutal version of Hedwigs Theme we’ve ever heard kicks in as the title appears.

This trailer is so dark its crazy. They’ve really caught the intensity of the final book and fans can only hope this carry’s over from this 3minute glimpse into the whole movie(s)

Is it November yet?

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  1. Very good review, James! I enjoyed reading it this morning while my pictures loaded at work from the weekend.