Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Glee Season Finale Review - Journey

I’ve said it before on this blog, and I’ll say it again: NO show has captured the hearts of the world this year like Glee.

Taking us on a coming-of-age journey from 5 dorks who “really sucked”, Will Schuester’s New Directions have flourished before our eyes, and last night’s season finale was an epic end for the show's rookie season

“I almost quit once” Will reminds us, “But you brought me back with Don’t Stop Believin’. Who cares how we got there, when getting there was so much fun”.

And with those words, the moment we’ve all been waiting for gets underway: Regionals 2010, New Directions Vs Vocal Adrenaline (Vs Oral – Aural? Yeah that seems more likely - Intensity apparently)

Faithfully and the newly revamped Don’t Stop Believin’ stand as a testament to how far New Directions have come, even since Sectionals. Its not just Lea Michele’s Rachel strutting down the aisle now but Finn too, and the rest of the club get’s their chances to shine as the Journey medley continues.

And then Quinn says the 4 words that fans have waited for all season (as indeed has Dianna Agron, desperate to ditch the fat-suit) “My water just broke.”

Vocal Adrenaline’s Bohemian Rhapsody is perfectly mixed in with Quinn’s labour (possibly the shortest in recorded history, given that she ends up back on stage in time to hear the results), but on the night there is simply no way Vocal Adrenaline deserved to win, Rhapsody was good but not good enough – it was a stitch up from the judges that gave them victory. The club then is done for. They couldn’t get 2nd place, and so Figgins’ budget wins.

And from here on out the sob-fest began – yeah, I’m a guy, and I cried at Glee, get over it. Emma fights for the club and despite failing she gets Will to finally confess his love for her – a moment which fell somewhat on deaf ears for me given that I ship Sue/Will, but its ok, there’s more of that to come.

To Sir, With Love was the surprise highlight of the night, as the club sits on their stools and reminds Schu that while he’s there, the club will never truly be over. All this overseen by hero of the night Sue Sylvester, not the callous heartless bitch we saw at the start of the season, but a real person, finally humbled by the events of last week’s Funk. “I don’t like you William, but I admire you” she tells Will, before informing him that she surrendered her leverage over Figgins to get the club one more year – one more shot at beating Vocal Adrenaline.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and the emotional climax as we see Shelby adopt little baby Beth are beautiful reminders of why this show is so special.

So I guess there is only one more question to answer: Is it September yet? ‘Coz I need my Glee fix!!!

P.s: I took the liberty of figuring out my order of favourite episodes from the season, which you can see here:

1) Journey
2) Theatricality
3) Sectionals
4) Pilot
5) Home
6) Bad Reputation
7) Showmance
8) Preggers
9) Hairography
10 ) Ballad
11) Dream On
12) Hell-O
13) Laryngitis
14) The Power of Madonna
15) Wheels
16) Mattress
17) Acafellas
18) Vitamin D
19) Funk
20) Rhodes Not Taken
21) Throwdown
22) Mash-up

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