Thursday, 5 July 2012

Review: Katy Perry: Part Of Me

Over the last several years, a new genre of film has grown into being: the 3D-concert-movie-cum-documentary. The latest example of the breed, featuring pop megastar Katy Perry brings forth plenty which will keep her fans entertained, and enough good cinema to keep everyone else on board.

The film sets about explaining Perry’s christian upbringing, and how at seventeen, she felt almost rebellious writing songs which her strict christian mother comments that she “would not her own daughter perform on MTV.”

This struggle only intensifies as the singer moves out to LA, coming up against rejection and manipulation from several major record labels before she is finally able to hit the big time.

Of all the 3D concert movies recently, its definitely not the worst, although it doesn't live up to the high watermark of something like Justin Bieber's Never Say Never - which I reviewed here - or Michael Jackson's This is It.

Somehow as believable and frankly adorable as Perry’s zany personality is, the whole product just feels a little too over produced. Too afraid to ever say anything against her (while being unafraid to point the finger elsewhere) or to show Katy in the wrong.

Interestingly it’s at it's best when the whole fairy tale falls down and you see her as a human being,  especially in a key sequence during her divorce from Russell Brand (a moment the entire movie feels like it is building towards). It feels like you are finally seeing Katy in a real raw moment, and this particular sequence is perfectly mixed with the live performances to bring meaning to the lyrics.

If you are a fan of Perry’s music you are going to love this film, and for those who aren’t, it has some interesting things to say about the way people cope with juggling fame and relationships. Its a long way from perfect, but it’s undeniably fun, with a soundtrack which will have even fairweather fans wanting to sing along at the top of their lungs.

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