Friday, 18 March 2011

Gleecap: Original Song


Glee was back on top form this week, in an episode that simply has to be celebrated as the week of: "FINALLY!!!!!" From Blaine and Kurt (on which more later), to singing Original Songs, to New Directions smashing past regionals.

The episode opens on the Warblers council, and Kurt finally voicing the thoughts of everyone watching: Blaine, you're a great singer. But give someone else a turn!!!

Blaine agrees (kind of), and so now their sectionals performance will be a duet NOT a solo.

Pavarotti is dead.(the bird, not the tenor. Or...also the tenor...but in this case the bird), and in his funeral garb Kurt rips Blackbird a new one, giving a truly beautiful rendition, while Blaine watches from afar, Darren acting this sequence wonderfully, as finally his feelings for Kurt surface within him.

Else where, New Directions can no longer do MCR at regionals, and need a back up plan fast - the competition is less than a week away. Rachel suggests yet again that the group need their own original songs(after trying her hand with "Only Child", which is nowhere near as entertaining as last weeks "My Hairband"), and this time Quinn and Finn support her. It's settled then: this weeks assignment, 2 kick ass songs. STAT!

We get a song about Sam's mouth (Troutmouth) from Santana, and "Big Bottom Heart" from Puck (singing about Lauren, apologising for his earlier discretions.) While the former is genius on a comedic level, the latter is actually a not bad song, and it appears the team may finally be onto a winning system - but Schu figures it's time they worked together. Glee club is about being at the bottom of the heap. Being a loser. And not caring. And so, Loser Like Me is born.

This almost seems irrelevant though compared to what comes next. Blaine and Kurt finally sit down to have the heart to heart we've awaited ever since we first heard that Ryan Murphy was casting an actor to play Kurt's boyfriend.

Blaine and Kurt kiss. There is honestly nothing more to say other than that it was perfect, and it was understated in just the right way, and that I literally squealed out loud. The significance of this single kiss for television - especially on one of the highest rated shows on the box - is unbelievable, and Chris and Darren should both pat themselves on the back for getting this bang on.

Finally it's time to return to Regionals. The place New Directions lost out last time. And the first question on my mind (as it has kind of been all season:) WHERE ARE VOCAL ADRENALINE?!?!? Sue gave them one last chance last year to come back and kick VA's ass, and now VA haven't even turned up? It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it just didn't sit right with me at all.

Sue's Aural Intensity pander to the judges with a dull and uninspiring tune, while Blaine and Kurt's duet is great. It's not as good as Baby It's Cold Outside earlier in the season it must be said, but it's fine. They finish with Pink's Raise Your Glass, and in true Warbler fashion, it feels like an event. Its undeniably great.

But on this night only New Directions could take it.

Starting first with Rachel's song (written after a heart to heart with Quinn where she realises Finn can never be hers). It's called Get It Right, and she informs Finn as she walks out "Listen closely. You just might learn something." It's a great pop-ballad, but realistically: this is the opening act for what is to come.

Loser Like Me is an ANTHEM. I know that was the brief, but seriously: they hit it bang on the head. The song could practically be the theme song for the show if it had a proper titles sequence. It's literally brilliant, and even while it's going the Warblers (or Kurt and Blaine at least) admit defeat and cheer for their friends.

New Directions win, Sue punches the judge (like, a proper full on punch out), and Blaine and Kurt walk off into the sunset holding hands, although confirming we'll see them again soon. ("The competition season may be over, but there are plenty of Gap's round here)

I've seen this episode twice now, and ever since the first time I haven't stopped grinning. I am so happy about literally everything that happened in this episode that I pretty genuinely feel it might have been the best episode of the show to date (or certainly the best of the season.)

And now, finally: Nationals await. Will we meet back with Vocal Adrenaline by then? Who knows. But one thing's for sure: I cannot wait to see what they throw at us next.

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