Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Very Potter Sequel

In 2009 a group of unknown actors going by the name of Team Starkid exploded onto the scene with the simply genius "A Very Potter Musical". Taking everyone's favourite boy wizard, throwing in some catchy show tunes and heaps of comedy, the show garnered millions of views when it was posted on Youtube, and even managed to get Darren Criss (Harry) a role on TV in the short-lived series Eastwick.

Well now, they're back to do it all over again, as the whole cast returns for A Very Potter Sequel.

The premise: Voldemort has just been defeated, and the handful of remaining Death Eaters are on the run from The Wizard Police. In a desperate attempt to change history, the campest Lucius Malfoy you'll ever see steals a time turner and sets off into the past to try and kill HP before he can kill the Dark Lord.

It seems hard to believe but this is actually funnier than their first outing. Maybe it's the injokes, maybe it's that we're already attached to the characters, but it just seems to flow so well straight away.

Everyone's favourite characters are back - Lauren Lopez's brilliant Draco, and the simply remarkable Joey Richter as Ron Weasley (Dear TV/film companies of the world: please sign Joey up for a starring role in right now, kthx) - but there are new additions too, among them Firenze the centaur - who is basically a guy who looks like he has a pony shoved head first up his ass - and Dolores Umbridge (Joe Walker, last years Voldie) who will have you literally splitting your sides from laughing so hard by the time it's over.

If you are a fan of the boy wizard, or even if you just want a good laugh I really suggest you head to right now, and watch both AVPM and AVPS if you haven't already seen them (or even if you have, you should go watch them again).

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