Monday, 31 May 2010

09/10 - Quite a season for Television

Well it’s that time again, the end of another US television season, which means all our favourite shows go away for a few months to allow rubbish summer TV in its place.

But what of the 09/10 season we’re leaving behind? It’s pilots had their hits certainly – Glee, Modern Family and others, and some undoubted misses – Flashforward principal among them.

We said good bye to old friends – Lost, 24, even Heroes, a show I didn’t particularly like anymore but I know there are those mourning its loss nonetheless.

Comedy was definitely the biggest winner as far as my viewing habits went, with new comers Community and Modern Family both achieving and maintaining laugh out loud status throughout their rookie years.

The greatest comedy success story of the season though was undoubtedly Glee. Combining a mix of chart music, a witty and vibrant script and a brilliant ensemble cast, Ryan Murphy’s musical extravaganza blazed brightly across the world, with the show spawning number one singles and albums, quotes being used on just about every social network for peoples statuses, even an International Sue Sylvester Day was declared (unofficially of course, but the point stands).

In drama, the Julianna Margulies fronted The Good Wife performed well, gaining its lead several awards including a Screen Actors Guild award and a Golden Globe.

While not a rookie drama I should also note that House fielded by far its best season to date, and that if Hugh Laurie was overlooked yet again next award season then it would simply be a travesty. His performance especially in season opener “Broken” symbolised one of the greatest single performances I’ve ever seen from an actor on any primetime television show, and really showcased Laurie’s immense talent. Unfortunately if previous years are anything to go by he will be nominated and then passed up as far as he win goes (my guess being for a member of the Lost cast this year, so I suppose I won’t complain too much).

But for sci-fi fans the news was not so good. With Lost entering its final season, ABC launched 2 new shows, Flashforward – trailed quite literally as “The next Lost” - and V, a reimagining of the 80’s miniseries of the same name. Neither show really grasped an audience though, and after haemorrhaging viewers faster than you could say kangaroo (you had to watch it), Flashforward’s quest to grab the Lost viewership ended abruptly in cancellation. V survived, but perhaps by the skin of its teeth, its fan base too clearly slipping.

The only Sci-Fi saviour came in the form of Caprica, a Battlestar Galactica spinoff, which seemed to grab the attention of fans of the original series and critics alike. The show, based 50years before the events of BSG tells of the genesis of the Cylon race, and promises going forward into it’s next season to explore the events leading up to the first Cylon/Human war.

09/10 then was an up and down sort of year, and only time will tell how the rookie shows that made the cut this time around will cope with the tough second season come September time.

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